Eligibility Criteria | Minimum Infrastructure Requirement | Charges | Procedure | Teaching Staff
Affiliation to COUNCIL OF PARAMEDICAL SCIENCE OF INDIA is available on the fulfillment of the procedure and norms as discussed below. Please study carefully the norms below and do contact us for more details. We shall be glad to get connected and honored to have your Institute affiliated.
Affiliation is available for following Paramedical Streams.

Sr. No.
Programme Name
1. • C. M. L. T. (Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology)• 1 Year
2. • D. M. L. T. (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technologyr• 1 Year
3. • D. M. R. T. (Diploma in X-ray Technology)• 1 Year
4. • A. N. M. (Diploma in Assistant Nursing Midwifery)• 1 Years
5. • D. O. T. T. (Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology)• 1 Years
6. • PG. D. M. L. T. (Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)• 1 Years

Eligibility Criteria

The following organization shall be eligible to apply for seeking affiliation to set up Paramedical college / Institute.
Trust / Society / Individual seeking Permission to Initiate the Council of Paramedical Science of India Courses in their Institute should apply in the prescribed Application Form with all the necessary enclosures.

Minimum Infrastructure Requirement
  • The center should have at least 1500 sq. ft. of covered area with 2 class rooms, having seating arrangement of 30 students each, library, Reception, Counselor room & staff room.
  • There should be separate toilets for boys and girls with pucka floor & flush system.
  • The center should have easy accessibility for candidates.
  • The center should have at least 1 fixed land line phone, E-mail id, high speed internet access facility.
  • Waste disposal & sewage facility.
  • The center should have regular water storage and running water supply with drinking water facility of standard quality.
  • Security arrangements as per local needs.
Affiliation Charges
Application Form• Rs 1,200/-
Affiliation Fees• Rs 72,000/-
Inspection Charges• Rs 15,000/-
Registration Fees (per student)• Rs 3,300/-
Annual Examination Fees• Rs 3,600/-

No fees refundable or adjustable in any case or in any time or in any circumstances.

Organisations interested in seeking affiliation after due dates till 21st September 2019 will have to pay respective late fees .

Inspection fees 36,000/-

Form fees 1,200/-

Affiliation fees 1,20,000/-

Students Registration and examination fees will remain the same.

Status of Organization / Institute
The applicant’s Organization / Institute must be owned, and run on NO-PROFIT-NO-LOSS kind of Educational Society / Trust / Public Trust lawfully registered.
Application Procedure
The Institute must apply in prescribed from collected against the payment of Rs 1,200/-.
Preference will be given to the Institutions, which are already running Educational Training Program in Paramedical Sciences.
Institute having multiple branches or locations will fill application form for each branch separately.
Reference books on each course should be available in the library. The library should have a set of books especially low cost Indian editions of about 20-30 books for each course.
Faculty Status
Course Councillor
The course wise minimum qualification is given as follows. At the time of submitting application and detail with passport size photograph of course of course counselor of particular course separately attached with the application. One person will be appointed for the course counseling of maximum 3-4 Courses of same Stream or Department only.
Lab In-charge
Lab In-charge will be appointed at center level but its name and details with photograph should be attached to the application form. Minimum Qualification Degree or Diploma with experience in related field or subject or course.
Minimum Qualification For Teaching Faculty
Paramedical science Education Group
M.D. (Path) / M.Sc. Micro Bio / Bio-Tech / M.B.B.S. / BHP / BHMS / DMS / DHMS / BAMS / BDS.
Minimum Requirements For All Paramedical Science Course


  • Anatomy Lab
  • Physiology Lab
  • Pathology & Microbiology Lab
  • Bio-Chemistry Lab

Laboratory Requirements

Anatomy Lab
Skeleton, Articulated and disarticulated, Muscles, Organs, Chart and Model as per syllabus.
Physiology Lab
Sr. No. Instrument Minimum Numbers
1. • Sphygmomanometer• 15
2. • Stethoscope• 15
3. • Stethoscope & Multiple ear pieces• 2
4. • Electro Cardiography• 1
5. • Dissection Microscope• 2
6. • Knee Hammer• 6
7. Thermometer 24
8. O2 Cylinders 2
9. CO2 Cylinders 1
10. Urinometers 6
11. Ophthalmoscope 1
12. Other necessary Hem, Charts, Films As per syllabus
13. Glass water As per syllabus
14. Chemical reagents As per syllabus
Pathology & Microbiology Lab
Sr. No. Instrument Minimum Numbers
1. • Incubator• 1
2. Hot – air oven 1
3. Centrifuge 2
4. Microscope (Mono) 10
5. Microscope (Bino) 2
6. Projection Microscope 1
7. Autoclave 1
8. Rotary Micro tome 1
9. Micro tome knives 2
10. Knife sharpener 1
11. Hot plate 2
12. Water bath 2
13. Emnedding bath 1
14. Haemocytometer 10
15. Sahali`s Hb meter 6
16. Calorimeter 2
17. Stop watch 2
18. W.B.C. counters 6
19. Desiccators 2
20. Reagents, Chemicals As per Syllabus
21. Glassware & other apparatus As per syllabus
22. Miscellaneous items As per syllabus
23. Analytical Balance 2
24. Semi auto Analyzer Optional
25. Cryostats for Frozen Section Optional
Bio-chemistry Lab
Sr. No. Instrument Minimum Numbers
1. • Spectrophotometer• 1
2. Chromatography Chamber Paper 1
3. Chromatography Chamber Gas 1
4. Electrophoresis Apparatus 1
5. Water Bath 1
6. Hot Air Oven 1
7. Analytical balance 4
8. Distillation Plants Glass 1
9. Centrifuge 2
10. Pit Meter 1
11. Refrigerator 1
12. All other items & Articles As per syllabus
13. Glassware As per syllabus
14. Chemical & Reagents As per syllabus

Important Note :The Powers To Accept Or Reject The Application For Starting New Courses / New Institution Shall Exclusively Rest With CPSI.

Cpsi Mou Approval Is Valid For Only 1 Academic Year.

The Cpsi Have Full Authority To Cancel The Affiliation Without Any Previous Notice If The Affiliation Center Shall Be Guilty Of Any Deviation Or Impropriety Of Any Of The Cpsi Terms & Conditions.

The Affiliated Institute Should Follow The Terms & Conditions Prescribed By Cpsi From Time To Time Regarding The Conduct Of Courses.Respective processing fees 30,000/ is to be paid separately after due date.